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Editorial Team

Editorial Team

Our Daytona De Luxe editorial team is a group of like-minded experts in their fields, who have come together to create a publication that is interesting, informative, exciting, and relevant to our key audience. If you are interested in joining our editorial team and can add value to our business please email marketing@daytonagroup.co.za

We trust you will enjoy what we have created for you.

Colleen Vilela

Managing Editor

With over 20 years’ experience in PR, marketing and events for lcorporates such as Sun City, Pirelli, Westcon UK, Aston Martin, McLaren, Pagani & Rolls-Royce. Colleen has a passion for promotion of luxury brands and believes that any job worth doing is worth doing well.

Tyron Barbe

Assistant Editor

Qualified in travel and event management has bode Tyron well in his career with luxury hotel brands and more recently Daytona, sole importers of Aston Martin, McLaren, Pagani & Rolls-Royce. Passionate about creating unique events fit for luxury brands and their clients.

Debbie Stone

Features Editor/International

Debbie has been an entrepreneur in the world of business and beauty since the age of seventeen when she launched her own chain of beauty salons and cosmetic clinics looking after celebrity clients from around the world. She loves to travel to luxury resorts.

John Whittle

Motoring/Press Writer

John has over 6 years of experience on the South African motoring scene. After a stint at Daytona selling Rolls-Royce's and Aston Martin's, John now manages the online presence of several high-end brands as a writer to South Africa's motoring publications.

Dieter Blom

Digital/Design Manager

Dieter is the Owner and Founder of Versys Media, a Digital Agency specializing in Website Design, Digital Marketing & Branding for high-end brands across the globe. He is also a model having appeared in both local and international magazines.

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