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March 26, 2021

The Biggest Interiors Trend of 2021: The Handcrafted Home Office

The Biggest Interiors Trend of 2021: The Handcrafted Home Office

How the rise in popularity of working from home has led to a surge in demand for beautifully bespoke office furniture.

For many people, the hasty switch to home working meant setting up a makeshift office at the kitchen table. For others, it involved making do with a cheap, flat-pack desk and an uncomfortable chair in an uninspiring corner of the bedroom. But as the number of people considering switching to home-working on a more permanent basis increases, the demand for beautifully bespoke office furniture is surging – making the handcrafted home office one of the biggest interiors trends of 2021.

One craftsman helping to transform work spaces at home is Derek Annand of Tabula Rasa Design. Derek creates bespoke furniture using live edge timber slabs; from shelves and desks, to wall art – each piece is carefully handcrafted to showcase the natural beauty of the wood. The results are a perfect blend of functionality and aesthetics.

Commenting on the recent surge in demand for his pieces, Derek explained; ‘What we’re seeing is a long-term shift in how and where people work, and as a response, people are wanting to invest in beautiful, quality pieces of office furniture.

‘If an office space is to become a permanent feature in your home and you plan to spend around eight hours there each day, it needs to work on a practical level, but it also needs to inspire productivity and creativity.’

And that is what sets Tabula Rasa Design apart. Their mission is to give each carefully chosen piece of wood a new lease of life. From a fallen tree, to a truly unique piece of furniture, Derek unlocks the potential beauty within every knot, burr, and wane.

But it would seem this year’s biggest interiors trend is not just about getting the look, but in fact creating the look yourself, as places at Tabula Rasa Design’s workshops are selling out faster than ever before.

Taking place just 10 miles from Glasgow, within the picturesque Carbeth Guthrie Estate in Blanefield, Tabula Rasa Design offers a selection of woodwork courses for a range of abilities. Attendees can learn how to hand-make their own desk from a hardwood live edge slab with contrasting timber legs, for example. Covering a variety of traditional and modern carpentry techniques, attendees leave with a completely bespoke desk and a wealth of new skills.

For more information about Tabula Rasa Design or to book a place at a workshop, head to Tabularasa Design or email here or call Derek on 0044 (0) 07895 784 878. ·

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