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February 11, 2021

El Septimo Cigars: Delivering the Ultimate Smoking Experience

El Septimo Cigars: Delivering the Ultimate Smoking Experience

In the Biblical story of creation, God created all life that we see and know; night and day, the heavens and the earth, dry land and sea; plant life; the birds and sea creatures; all kinds of wildlife and humanity—all in six days.

At the end of each day’s work, He examined His creation and declared it good. On the seventh day, He rested from all the work that He had done. Only God knows how He spent His day off, but Zaya S. Younan— successful businessman and owner of La Grande Maison Younan Collection, which includes El Septimo Cigars​—likes to think that maybe, just maybe, He might have relaxed with a cigar.

El Septimo means the “the seventh” symbolizing the last day of creation in which God rested and appreciated his work, thus creating a unique smoking experience that signifies the joy of living and being here, in this exact moment.
Tired of the same bland flavors, low-level manufacturing, lack of detail and quality control, plus the widespread downgrade of Cuban crops, the El Septimo team decided to start from the beginning. Spearheaded by Mr Younan, a cigar smoker for over 30 years, who fell in love with the brand on a trip to Paris a few years ago. Once Younan had his El Septimo cigar, he was so impressed he bought the company a few years later.

“Smoking that El Septimo was an incredible experience,” Younan explains. “On the flight home from Paris, I couldn’t stop thinking about it. When I got home, I tried smoking my other cigars, and I could not forget the flavor and experience I had when smoking an El Septimo. It is an exceptional cigar, and nothing I have had comes close to it.
Mr Younan, an entrepreneur, and CEO of Younan Collection, an international investment firm and manager of luxury hotels, golf courses, and resorts, acquired the business in March of 2019. The acquisition has allowed the brand to reconceive its objectives, strategies, and production process, therefore achieving its mission of creating the best cigars in the world.

By listening to the anecdotes and opinions of premium cigar smokers around the world, El Septimo was able to create a one-of-a-kind experience.

“El Septimo is the smallest company I own, and yet I’m the most active in it because I love the product,” Younan says. “I’m very active in daily management and new product development, many of which we will be introducing very soon. Luxury products like El Septimo cigars enhance people’s lifestyles and make the world a better place. My career focus has always been making the world a better place for everyone.”

The first step in revamping the brand was to find the best of raw materials: the perfect tobacco leaf. Due to the growing demand for cigars across the globe, the intensive farming for tobacco created a catastrophic effect on the stock and caused a depletion in soil used to farm tobacco by traditional brands. So, it was paramount for El Septimo to find new soil.

After years of intensive research and visits to arable land around the world the El Septimo team decided that they needed to create their own supply from their own plantation. It was the only way to get the standards they had previously agreed upon. As a result, the team found the ideal location in the lush mountains of San Jose, Costa Rica.
All El Septimo Cigars undergo strict quality control and are hand-rolled with 100% long filler tobacco using the traditional Entubar Method, a rolling method that originated in Cuba where the roller rolls each filler leaf into a straw or tube shape, creating tubes with great airflow. Advocates say this method allows for a greater number of filler leaves to be put in a cigar while maintaining the draw. The Oscuro wrappers are grown in a high-altitude exclusive process, giving the cigars a silky texture with a rich, deep shade and flavorsome leaf.

With over 40 puros blends, Collections differ based on the blends of tobacco leaf, as well as the age of tobacco—which range between five and fifteen years. El Septimo Cigars are completely organic, with no preservatives or chemicals added, and are free of nitrosamines, tars, and impurities. When holding an El Septimo Cigar, you can instantly recognize the superiority over other known brands, as even the product’s packaging exudes El Septimo’s greatness.

Today, El Septimo is a name cited in exclusive groups and is a brand followed by faithful lovers who enjoy premium cigars worldwide. El Septimo’s clientele describe the aging cigar as having a superb construction, excellent burn with a rich, creamy flavor, and a distinctive, yet pleasant, aroma.

El Septimo Cigars are exclusively available in Nigeria at all Zakaa Urban Boutiques.


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